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Your engine is covered by a 12 month warranty

Unless the vehicle is used as a courier, taxi or for hire service. Then it will be covered by a 6 month warranty

 Our office phone number is 07485607481 and will be answered 08.00-18.00

Please take the time to read the conditions of service requirements of this warranty. Our recommended service schedule is designed to keep your new engine in excellent running condition.

All engines purchased from UK Engine Builder are sold under the following warranty


Warranty Conditions

1.      The benefits of this warranty are in addition to your rights and remedies under law, including your rights and remedies under uk Consumer Law on the purchase of this engine, Which cannot be excluded or modified.

2.      Subject to the exclusions and limitations below, UK engine Builder Ltd warrants that the engine will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the specified warranty period.

3.      If a defect covered by warranty appears before the end of the warranty period, then UK engine Builder Ltd will, in its sole discretion, either: (a) Replace or repair the defective parts or workmanship free of charge, or (b) Cause the defective parts or workmanship to be repaired or replaced by a person authorised by UK engine Builder Ltd free of charge.

4.      UK engine Builder Ltd  will not accept any responsibility under this warranty for any expenses incurred for third party repairs unless written permission is given prior to said repairs being performed.

5.      UK engine Builder Ltd reserves the right to replace defective parts of the engine with parts and components of similar quality, grade and composition where an identical part or component is not available. All engines or parts replaced under warranty become the property of UK engine Builder Ltd. Engines presented for repair may be replaced by reconditioned goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Reconditioned parts may be used to repair the engine.

6.      UK engine Builder Ltd shall be under no obligation under these warranty conditions if:

(a) Before installation of the engine a qualified mechanic has not confirmed that the engine is fit for the purpose which is supplied.

(b) The engine is not installed by a qualified person in accordance with vehicle manufacturers specifications and the recommended installation procedures supplied UK engine Builder Ltd.

(c) The engine is not properly maintained in accordance with UK engine Builder Ltd recommended service schedule.

(d) Genuine gaskets are not used when fitting tandem pump and oil stand.

7.   This warranty does not extend to cover:

(a) Normal wear and tear

(b) Any modifications including but not limited to EGR deleted,DPF deleted ,de-catted or re-mapping,

(c) Repairs or alterations performed, not authorised by UK engine Builder Ltd;

(d) Any corrosion or erosion;

(e) Damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect;

(f) Damage or wear caused by dirt or other contaminants;

(g) Consumables;

(h) Damage caused by overheating.(most commonly caused due to the radiator not being filled correctly)

(i) snapped cam belt Unless Supplied and fitted by Uk Engine Builder

8.   Unless specifically purchased as such, this engine is not suitable for LPG or marine applications.

9.   UK engine Builder Ltd shall not be liable for any damage loss of profits or any other loss or damage including consequential loss or damage caused in the event of an engine failure under this warranty.

10.   The warranty is not transferable

11.   If a problem with the engine arises, you must first contact the place of purchase.

12.   To make a warranty claim, you must make the engine available at your cost for inspection and testing by UK engine Builder Ltd or its authorised agent. If such inspection and testing finds no defect in the engine, then you must pay UK engine Builder Ltd costs of service work, evaluation and testing.

13.   UK engine Builder Ltd makes no express warranties or representations other than set out in this warranty.


UK engine builder Ltd has added service requirements which are in addition to the manufactures service schedule


Servicing Requirements

500 Miles /First Service

         Change engine oil and filter ( oil must be 5/40 Quantum platinum oil)

         Reset/ Adjust tappets (where applicable)

         Pressure test cooling system and retighten hose clamps

         Recheck all engine fitment bolts and nuts

         Check emission controls are working correctly

         Check timing

         Add/check coolant (where applicable)

         Check thermostat and cooling fans operation

         Ensure all earth leads fitted correctly

         Road test vehicle


7000 Miles

         Change engine oil ( oil must be 5/40 Quantum platinum oil)

         Check air filter and intake ducts

         Pressure test cooling system

         Check thermostat and cooling fans operation

         Add/ check coolant (where applicable)

         Road test vehicle


14000 Miles

         As per 7000 mile service; plus

         Change oil filter

         Change spark plugs (where applicable)

         Check catalytic convertor


21000 Miles

         As per 14000 mile service; plus

         Change air and fuel filters

         Major inspection of engine tuning


These are the minimum servicing requirements to keep the engine warranty valid, additional vehicle service and /or repairs may be required to keep the vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition.